The RV is in for repairs!

Dropped off the RV to Camping World Tampa yesterday afternoon. All of the parts have arrived. They are trying to turn me around as fast as they can, so keep an eye out for another update very soon (I hope)!

Schedule Update

Alrighty then, we have some forward motion!

The parts should arrive at Camping World by the weekend.  They’ll be slotting me in ASAP for the work, which hopefully means early next week.

The delay has had a bit of a side-effect:

Meet my new navigator, Herb!


Not very experienced, but he’ll get there!  About 6 months – lab mix rescue from Humane Society of Tampa Bay.  He was a stray, so no background info…progressing nicely with house-training and walking on-leash.  Having some separation issues, but we’re working on that :)

The Who, The What, and The Why!

Like so many people who enjoy travelling, I’ve been dreaming up roadtrip routes since I can remember.  Growing up in Europe, most of my earliest ideas included trains and ferries.  After moving to Atlanta in middle school, those plans morphed into cross-country roadtrips by car or motorbike.  We took family trips many summers during school, and explored out West, through the Smokies, and down into Florida.  My dreams got bigger – Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway, the full length of A1A…

Last year, I found a travel diary, photographs, souvenirs and blank postcards from a trip we took with
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Late Start

Hello & Welcome!

Things will start up shortly!  Waiting on some parts to arrive for a warranty fix on the new RV.
Taking a quick loop south into the Everglades while waiting…pics to come soon!
If you are on Facebook, I have a page with a few preliminary posts: