RV is Back!!


Super quick turnaround at Camping World!  The RV is back at the shop, and we will be wrapping it this weekend.  Here are the current layouts I’m playing with…

48in366_WrapDside 48in366_WrapPside 48in366_WrapRear


All the maps will be “fill-in-as-I-go” style.  I love the glitch that is making Nevada look hot pink in the top proof, but it will not be that colour in the end!

The other weekend project is converting the bathroom sink alcove into a washer/dryer alcove.  It’s tough to get any good pictures due to tight constraints inside the RV, but I will do my best to document the process.  The potential for adding a washer/dryer was one of the main reasons I went with this particular model.

More updates coming soon :)


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